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posted: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016
Catalina Mangone shows off her Japanese scroll

Around the world through art and music

The signpost at the entrance directed visitors to France, Germany, China, Japan, and more. That was the first indication that the art show and and third grade recorder concert was something special. 

This year, the annual event featured a multicultural theme and took visitors around the world through art and music. Among the artworks were painted elephants from India done by first-graders, Japanese landscape scrolls by second-graders, African masks by fifth-graders, German cuckoo clocks by fourth-graders, and Polynesian tapa cloths by third-graders.

“Our school is made up of students from so many countries,” said art teacher Denise Palmisano. “Learning the significance of art throughout the world teaches appreciation of other cultures, people, and ways of life. That’s so important in our 21st Century global society.”

The third grade recorder concert featured several international selections including a version of the British “Greensleeves” and a Scottish piping tune named “Scotland The Brave.” Third-graders introduced the songs and provided commentary, including a history of the recorder which reached its height of popularity during the Renaissance. (The recorder was eventually replaced by the flute in orchestras because of the flute’s wider dynamic range and volume.)

Several songs included other instruments such as the kazoo, triangle, xylophone, rainstick, and maracas.

“Students learned through this music how instruments tell a story and set a tone without words,” said Lisa King, music teacher. 

The concert ended with “It’s A Small World” and “Ode To Joy” by Beethoven – music that underscored the theme and spirit of the evening.

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