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posted: Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

Bridget Olson "Runs" Run-a-thon for Girls' Track Team

In the picture above, Jae Barboza and Bridget Olson, two members of the Girls' Track Team, tally pledge sheets and write out certificates for the recent Run-a-thon.

Bridget Olson, a senior member of the Girls' Track Team, organized a Run-a-thon for her team in order to help them fundraise for the 2017 spring season. The event, which took place on April 11th during practice, was a way for the girls to combine fundraising with their sporting activity, gaining support from friends, family, teachers, and the community.

Olson said, "Unlike some of the other teams at MOHS that have Parents' Clubs, the track team does not. We have to complete our own fundraising."

Prior to the event, each girl was required to get at least three sponsors, who would sponsor her for a minimum of one dollar per lap. The goal was to complete as many laps as possible within the 45-minute time allotment. Each girl was required to run a minimum of twelve laps around the track. To motivate the runners even more, prizes were awarded to the girls who received the most sponsors, ran the most laps, and raised the most money. In addition, for every five dollars a sponsor pledged, they received a raffle ticket for a prize.

To keep track of the completed laps, each member of the track team carried an index card, which would receive a dash upon the completion of each lap. While the final results of money raised are still being tabulated, sophomores Laura Green and Sydney Bradle tied for the most completed laps, finishing twenty-one laps within the 45-minute time limit.

Coach Vanessa Benfatti was supportive of Olson's efforts to organize this event in its inaugural year. The money raised will go towards purchasing new equipment, t-shirts, and will also pay entrance fees for meets. Great job to Olson and all the girls on a successful fundraiser!

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