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posted: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

Child Development Class volunteers with puppets

Preparing for their puppet show are MOHS students Victoria Costleigh, Gabriella Cruz, Ally Tanguay, and Sofia Machado.

Recently the Child Development class visited the Valley Brook Country Day School in Long Valley. One of the school's goals, as displayed on their website, is to aide in the development of each student towards his or her highest level of achievement both academically and socially." For the Valley Brook Country students, Mount Olive High School students put on puppet shows and assisted in crafts and story reading to foster academic and social achievement.

Prior to attending the trip, the Child Development class designed and created the materials for the puppet show, including the backdrop that the students used for the show. Linda Pepe, director of the day camp and Mrs. Tanguay, an instructor at the camp, welcomed the high school students and instructed them in successful ways to engage preschool students. Small and gross motor skills were observed, and the high school students were able to meet Mr. Rich Sherer, director of the Meadowbrook Country Day Camp, who offered possible summer jobs to several participants.

Ally Tanguay, who attended the trip, had a positive experience at the camp. She said, "The children were really involved with the story, and it was fun seeing their reactions." Ally, who wants to teach young children when she's older said, "This experience helped me see what the kids liked and how to make learning fun."

The students enjoyed seeing how early childhood education can be fostered through something as seemingly simple as a puppet show. Many of the students are looking forward to volunteering their time in educational classrooms in the near future.

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