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Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

The seniors of the Class of 2014 were asked "What are you looking forward to most after high school?" and these were some of their responses:

  • Anna LoConte: "Meeting new people and gaining my independence."
  • Danielle Cassidy: "To start real life."
  • Alex Ferranti: "Starting a new chapter in my life and spending the summer with people I love."
  • Kyle Lippiello & Jessica Parrish: "Not being in high school anymore."
  • Andrew Cikalo: "Going to a new school, meeting new people, making new friends, and future advancement."
  • Matthew Kraemer: "Being independent and having responsibilities in college."
  • Joey Cinelli: "Graduation parties."
  • Starla Lagunes: "Life. I wish we could just fast forward until we were finally where we want to be, but I'm looking forward to the journey it's going to be to get there."
  • Robert Kilcher: "I am looking forward to just starting my life and working toward my dream job."
  • Caitlin Peason: "Going to the University of Scranton and starting a new step in life."
  • Luis Lebron: "Not getting up in the morning and sleeping in."
  • William Cortez: "College."
  • Catherine Farley: "Meeting new people and becoming independent."
  • Casey DeLorenzo: "Playing ice hockey and working on my Jeep! Also, chillin' with my buddies."
  • Patsy Kelly: "Going to Seton Hall and being out of high school!"
  • Karianne Jaruis: "Studying Education and going to college."
  • Stephen Kubicki: "Going to college."
  • Jack Thrun: "Studying industrial design at the University of Cincinnati and learning how to make the world an easier and more enjoyable place to live."
  • Anthony DePack: "Working on my car, hanging out with friends, and playing baseball."
  • Andy Anderson: "The freedom."
  • Elizabeth Theodore: "I'm looking forward to being on my own and being able to go after my dreams and aspirations."
  • Griffin Conway: "College basketball."
  • Matthew Tervo: "I am looking forward to going to college and having great new friends and experiences."
  • Naana Dei: "Going to Towson to study nursing!"
  • Heather Falzarano: "College and moving to West Palm Beach, Florida."
  • Anel Kadiric: "Life."
  • Nicolette Thorkildsen: "To have the freedom of going away to college."
  • Matt Inglese: "Going to college."
  • Erica Phung: "Going to college and starting a new journey in my life."
  • Amanda Pittigher: "Being independent, and being able to make choices for myself."
  • Steven Lopen: "The amount of free time I will have to myself."
  • Veda Kalkunte: "Leaving and being independent."
  • Maria Cordero: "College and starting a new challenge in my life."
  • Prarthna Johri: "The freedom of college."
  • Peyton Coker: "Taking classes specifically tailored to what I want to do as a career."
  • Kaitlyn Timblin: "I'm looking forward to going south to attend the University of Georgia and to make new friends and expand my horizons."
  • Ryan Traub: "Continuing to play basketball at Susquehanna University."

The seniors of the Class of 2014 were asked "What advice do you have for underclassmen and future students at MOHS?" and these were some of their responses:

  • Nenessa Donazal: "Do all your work on time, and do your best on everything."
  • Matt Geiger: "Be yourself, and don't change who you are."
  • Ashley Piekarz: "Whatever you do, do it the best you can and you will have no regrets."
  • Jesse Micari: "Don't blow off homework and don't stress too much about tests."
  • Kevin Jean-Pierre: "Do not start off lazily and expect to get better as you go up the years. Challenge yourself from the beginning of high school. Your future will thank you for it."
  • Travis Gerdes: "My advice is to strive and get the best grades possible, as well as get involved with as many programs and clubs as possible. Along with school work, enjoy your time in high school because it only happens once. So go out and make the best of it and don't have any regrets."
  • Michael Moran: "Work hard. Be a leader, not a follower. 'Stay classy Mt. Olive.'"
  • Amy DiGerolamo: "Make the most of your time at MOHS. It will go by really quickly."
  • Sarah Lieback: "Make sure you pay attention and do your work. If you do not do your work, you will struggle."
  • Erick Linares: "Always put 110% in school. There is always good or bad consequences. You choose what road you want to take."
  • Mariah Christian: "Get involved! My favorite part of MOHS was being a part of various clubs and sports. It also made my college application easier, because I had extracurricular activities to fill in."
  • Tiffany Enriquez: "For future students, it's important to try your hardes in school because every year counts. Try to use time management and make sure everything is completed on time. Focus on school because it affects the rest of your life. Also, make memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Brianna Cicalese: "My advice for underclassmen and future students is to be yourself and don't let anyone push you to be something you're not."
  • Karis Baker: "Stay focued on your future goals and do not let friends distract you from those goals."
  • Kendall Picone: "Make the most of your experiences and opportunities at MOHS. Take everything in and love ev ery minute of it. It seriously goes by so fast."
  • Scott Barlow: "Don't joke around with your schoolwork because the bad grades will catch up with you later."
  • Catherine Apostol: "Don't slack off. Every day matters."
  • Julia Dunham: "Work hard, but still have fun! You are only in high school once!"
  • Kayla Hamilton: "Be involved with sports and clubs! You will meet so many more new people!"
  • Brianna Geary: "Have fun. Don't stress out too much."
  • Isabel Palacios: "Enjoy the rest of your high school years, and just have fun! Time flies by way too quickly, so enjoy every second of it."
  • Veronicah Gathoni: "Follow your dreams or you'll spend all your life working for someone who did."
  • Sarah Fasino: "Don't stop and stand in the middle of the hallway in between classes to talk to your friends."
  • Nikkole Chadwick: "Enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast."
  • Melissa Fuentes: "Move along in the hallways, and don't stand in huge crowds when people are trying to get to class. Don't slack so much because it will be checked when applying to schools."
  • Andrew Felsch: "Don't stress over grades, just learn. The grades will follow."
  • Nicholas Polk: "Don't worry about every little assignment. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and move on. Enjoy this chapter of your life. It goes by quickly."
  • Daniel Mendez: "Focus."
  • Ian Cosme: "Run."
  • Chris Korpos: "Don't procrastinate with your work. It's not worth the stress that follows. Know your priorities."
  • Jay Kubert: "Get all your work done."
  • Kimberly Joseph: "Always be yourself. Don't try to fit in with everyone else."
  • Edgar Chipeta: "Always study and pass all your classes. Don't get held back in school work, and just do all your homework as soon as you get home."
  • Daniel Liberopoulos: "Do everything you can by getting involved. Have fun!"

The seniors of the Class of 2014 were asked "What are you going to miss most about MOHS?" and these were some of their responses:

  • Elisha Dizon: "Fab Strahl."
  • Emily Cassidy: "I'm going to miss walking into school every morning and seeing so many familiar faces (both staff and students!). I will also miss leaving school every afternoon and knowing that I would see those people again the next day."
  • Michael Cohen: "My friends."
  • Malcolm Downs: "All the friends and acquaintances I made."
  • Jenna Lansbury: "My friends and teachers."
  • Chris DuChemin: "Liking all of Casey DeLorenzo's pictures on Instagram. It was a blast!"
  • McKenzi Johnson: "My favorite teachers and bio."
  • Sara Christian: "The relationships I've built with teachers and classmates and the familiarity of the school."
  • Roger Aanonsen: "The crazy schedules that are always listed in the agenda."
  • Morgan Torstenson: "Playing basketball with my teammates."
  • Dionna Jones: "My friends."
  • Stephanie Kelson: "The amazing friends I have made here."
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