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posted: Mon, May 23rd, 2016

'Legally Blonde’ is a sweet, cotton candy confection

The MOMS auditorium was recently awash in pink and a Candyland of other sprightly colors during the school’s production of “Legally Blonde.” Based on the novel and 2001 Reese Witherspoon film of the same name, the musical tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl with a penchant for pink who enrolls in Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend.

The fun, fish-out-of-water show featured seventh-grader Ainsley Williams in the lead role. Ainsley showed off a light comic touch and a voice much richer and more powerful than her years in her delightfully dizzy portrait of Elle. As her character transformed from dismissed sorority girl to star attorney, Ainsley showed Elle’s growth yet remained true to the character’s animated spirit.

About 100 students were involved in the show’s cast and crew. Other featured performers included Joseph Richard, Mykaela Pocquat, Jon Wade, Allison Berrios, Molly McDade, Leslie Spinosa, Valentina Matteis, and Arianna Essington.

“I was thrilled at how well the students performed in this production,” said Chris Bosch, show director and MOHS teacher. “We always set the bar high and the kids truly rose to the occasion with this challenging musical.”

The cast and crew rehearsed for more than four months to bring “Legally Blonde” to life.

See more photos at http://www.mtoliveboe.org/moms/headlines/?Scenes-From-Legally-Blonde-88

Learning the bear necessities

Students in Michelle Corazza’s class and Michelle Piscitelli’s class are learning about the needs, habits, and behaviors of bears – by actually watching them. The classes, which join together for science, have partnered with the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota – a non-profit organization dedicated to bear education and conservation.

With webcams throughout the center’s 2.5-acre forested enclosure, the students regularly watch the center’s three black bears to make first-hand observations. Using a tracking sheet that the teachers developed, the students monitor the weather, habitat changes, and environment of the most popular bear, Ted.

The center provided the classes with brochures and has a wealth of data available on its website for students and teachers to use and learn from. The classes also interact with center officials over a live chat to ask questions related to such things as bear health, diet, hibernation, migration, relationships, and adaptation to the environment. 

In addition, the teachers have incorporated the bear theme into other areas of the curriculum including language arts, social studies, and math. The students have read stories about bears, for example, and learned about the states from which the center’s bears originated. They’ve also compared the weather in Minnesota with the weather here and used the temperatures in math problems to develop skills such as rounding up and rounding down. 

“This project combines so many concepts and makes them real for kids,” said Ms. Piscitelli. “It also gives them a sense of the world around them in real-time. The students love it and a lot of them go home and tell their parents what happened with the bears. I even had one student who was terrified of bears and she's overcome her fear. Now she really enjoys them.”

According to the center’s website, all eight bear species around the world are now listed as vulnerable, threatened, or endangered in all or portions of their ranges.

You can find more information about the North American Bear Center at: http://www.bear.org/website/

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